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Text listing

  1. Ancient Rome, Forum, etc, from the Coloseum
  2. The Wien Rathaus, from the rear
  3. Book From the Vienna 1900 Exhibit...
  4. Jugendstil Lamp at the MAK
  5. U2 Museumsquartier flower stand
  6. Tintoretto...
  7. Flora Meretrix by Arcimboldo
  8. Joseph Wagner, the Quartier 21 sessions (1)
  9. Giuseppe Arcimboldo Flora Meretrix
  10. Hunters in the Snow - Breugel
  11. (Part of) Breugel's _Return of the Herd_
  12. Children's Games by Bruegel
  13. The Tower of Babel by Pieter Breuggel the Elder
  14. The Peasant Wedding, Pieter Breugel the Elder
  15. The Return of the Herd
  16. Frankie in Profile
  17. Günther closeup with hat
  18. Monika Kribusz...with paint brush and closed eyes
  19. Isis...and Isis...and Isis
  20. More of Esel in Raum D
  21. My Hand
  22. Spencer in Raum D
  23. Esel in Raum D, 1 of several
  24. Portrait of Martin Bookweit in Raum D
  25. Frankie's Workbench on Thursday morning before Roboexotica
  26. Frankie's workspace preparing for Roboexotica 2014
  27. Glassware, stacked, in the Josef Hoffmann exhibit at the MAK
  28. Football fan's decorated vest
  29. Thalia Apotheke Sign at the MAK
  30. Ceramic Sculpture at the MAK
  31. On the #2 Tram, Vienna, night
  32. New Exhibit cases in the MAK Vienna 1900 exhibit...
  33. Jugendstil Lamp at the MAK
  34. Theseus Fighting the Centaur by Antonio Canova, from the first floor.
  35. Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius
  36. Marie Theresien Platz, and Natural History Museum, night
  37. Marie Theresien Platz, and Natural History Museum, evening Nov 10, 2014
  38. Opening of Winter in MQ 2014
  39. Theseus Fighting the Centaur by Antonio Canova
  40. Three Sound Artists...
  41. Roman Forum from the Capitoline
  42. Sarchophagus in the National Museum of Rome
  43. Roman Coloseum - detail of walkway
  44. The Roman colosseum
  45. Mosaic on the Palatine Hill
  46. Metal Straps holding the Coloseum together
  47. St Peters Cathedral at night
  48. Light Fixture on the Maria-Theresien platz
  49. Glassware in Sasha Shulgin's lab (revised)
  50. Bulletin Board at Sasha Shulgin's lab (revised)